I Was Glad

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Instrumental Only?

Grade K-2 Children's Choir (or Easy Access anthem for Grade 3-6 choir) for unison treble voices, congregation and organ (or piano)

  • Text Source: Gwendolyn Emery-Owings, with a refrain quoting Psalm 122:1.
  • Worship Use: Praise/Choir Dedication
  • Feature: Congregational participation
  • Vocal Range: f-c’
  • Key: F major
  • Meter: 2/2
  • Accompanying Instrument: Organ (or piano)

Teaching Overview: I Was Glad includes an easy congregational response, which echoes the refrain sung by the choir. The phrase lengths are short, making this a logical choice for the children’s initial anthem of the school year. Use the opening ascending triad (f-a-c’ in m. 2-3) and descending minor thirds (b flat-g and c’-a, m. 10, 11) as preparatory warm-ups for this anthem.


I was glad when they said unto me, let us go to the house of the Lord. As my father and mother, sister and brother, come to worship, all together. As father and mother, sister and brother, sing God's praises all together. As father and mother, sister and brother, join at the table all together.