Kerstlied (Christmas Song)

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Setting of a traditional Dutch Christmas carol (lullaby). Both Dutch and English provided. SATB with organ.


There is a young and lovely maiden,
She is mild and full of grace.
Hear what gift to her is given:
See the Son with chubby face.
It is Jesus Christ who lies there,
Who cries so bitterly and weeps there.
Hush, O little Child, hush:
For you willed it that it be thus.

Saint Joseph stood, near and ready,
With his hat held in his hand,
Near to our beloved Lady;
All around distress did stand.
There in ev’ry direction
He still saw only affliction.
Hush, O little Child, hush.

Saint Joseph, who must go searching
Barefoot, for he has no shoes,
Wood and coal he went out seeking;
It is well that so he does.
Though the child was wrapp’d well and covered,
It was so cold that still he shivered;
Hush, O little Child, hush:
For you willed it that it he thus.