Masters In This Hall

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Instrumental Only?

An arrangement of the traditional carol for SATB, organ, and drum.   Text by William Morris (1860); the tune is adapted from the Marche pour les Matelots by French baroque composer Marin Marais.
  Snappy, rhythmic, fun, and festive -- you might be tempted to get out your old Medieval Faire costumes and grill some mutton!


Masters in this hall, hear ye news today;
Brought from overseas, and ever I you pray:

Nowell! Nowell! Nowell!
Nowell sing we clear!
Holpen are all folks on earth,
Born is God's Son so dear.
Nowell! Nowell! Nowell!
Nowell sing we loud!
God today hath poor folk raised
And cast a-down the proud.

Going o'er the hills, through the milk-white snow,
Heard I ewes bleating, while the wind did blow.


Shepherds many a one sat amid the sheep,
No man spake a word, than they had been asleep.


Shepherds should of right leap and dance and sing,
Thus to see you sit is a right strange thing.


Quoth these fellows then, "to Bethlehem we go,
to see a mighty Lord, lie in a manger low."

"How name ye this Lord, O shepherds?"
Then said I, said I, "Very God," they said, "Come from heaven on high."