O Christ, Our Joy and Gladness

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SAB Choir and Organ. This gentle anthem is based on the composer's hymn "Sandy Point." A wonderful message for Easter will work anytime during the season. Look at this for communion. Poem by Edward R. Dufresne.


O Christ, our joy and gladness,
O Dayspring of our night.
We come with fear and sadness
at Easter dawn's first light:
The stone is laid aside,
Death's wrappings now lie useless,
O wondrous Easter-tide, O wondrous Easter-tide!

With Mary, we've stood weeping,
not knowing you are there,
With  death a vigil keeping,
hearts half-set on despair.
Now, life's no more the same:
as once you spoke to Mary,
you call us each by name,
You call us, call  us each by name. 

Rabboni, Teacher, Savior,
You ask us now to go
by voice and by behavior
to tell all what we know.
Enlightened by your Word,
we'll share our joy and gladness,
for, "We have seen the Lord,"
for, "We have seen the Lord!"