O Gladsome Light

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SATB with optional accompaniment. A delicious setting of the Phos Hilaron, this text is the earliest known Christian hymn recorded outside of the Bible that is still in use today. Raymond has given us an easy motet that can be used for not only the evening service (vespers, evensong, etc.), but also includes an alternate text that allows for morning worship as well.


O gladsome some light, O grace
of God the Father's face,
Eternal splendor wearing;
Celestial, holy Lord,
Our Savior, Christ, adored,
We joy in your appearing.

Now, at the close (dawn) of day
As sunlight fades away (comes our way),
With hearts and hymns outpouring,
We praise you, God of might,
Incarnate Son of light,
And Spirit all adoring.

to You all praise belongs;
to You we raise our songs,
O Son of God, Lifegiver;
to You, O Lord most high
The world does glorify
And shall exalt for ever.