O Sing, Sing Allelu!

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Instrumental Only?

SATB with divisi throughout in all voices. A cappella.  There is a short Latin-language section near the end.
Rhythmically complex and exciting. A great -- and fun -- challenge piece for the advancing choir.


Praise the Lord with jubilant song, O sing, sing allelu!
to our God all praises belong, sing allelu!
All the earth God's wonders proclaim, O sing, sing allelu!
O exalt his holy name, sing alleluia!

Let all the earth praise his Name, Sing to God!
In exultation your voices employ, O sing, sing allelu!
All creation sound with joy, sing allelu!
to all men his greatness be known, O sing, sing allelu!
Glory and honor to him alone, sing alleluia!

Adoramus, benedicimus, adoramus, glorificamus te. [We adore, we bless, we adore, we glorify thee.]

Through his eternal, glorious love, We sing allelu!
We shall rejoice in heaven above, O sing alleluia!