O Trinity of Blessed Light

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Unison with organ. Begins with a plainsong melody, based on the tune O lux beata. Traditional Latin hymn, translated by John Mason Neale and others.

Notes: At first sight it might seem strange adapting a plainsong melody into a contemporary idiom. But after singing this anthem through several times, singers will feel how naturally this works. The gentle lilt and fluidity of the song gives a clear indication of how to perform the plainsong. Singers should prepare well for each phrase so the initial two sixteenth notes are clearly heard. This anthem would work well sung solo or by a few singers at an evening service.


O Trinity of blessed light
O Unity of primal might
The fiery sun now goes his way
Shed thou within our hearts thy ray.

To thee our morning song of praise
To thee our evening hymn we raise
Thy glory, kneeling, we adore
For ever and for evermore.

O Trinity, O Unity, Thou help of man's infirmity,
Protect us through the hours of night,
Who art our everlasting Light.

To God the Father, God the Son,
And God the Spirit, Three in One;
Let glory, praise, and worship be
From age to age eternally.