O Voice of the Beloved

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Instrumental Only?

Text by Jackson Mason, based on Song of Songs 2 and 8. SATB and organ.

Notes: Although the piece lo,Oks at first to be a wedding anthem, it would be very suitable for Advent and Easter. The piece should be flowing but not so fast so that the words are rushed. Try to adhere to all the dynamics which will color the anthem and increase the drama of the words.


O voice of the Belovèd!
Thy bride hath heard Thee say,
“Rise up, My love, My fair one,
Arise and come away.
For lo, ’tis past, the winter,
The winter of thy year;
The rain is past and over,
The flowers on earth appear.

“And now the time of singing
Is come for every bird;
And over all the country
The turtle dove is heard;
The fig her green fruit ripens,
The vines are in their blo,Om;
Arise and smell their fragrance;
My love, My fair one, come!”

Our Easter Sun is risen! 
And yet we slumber long,
And need Thy Dove’s sweet pleading

to waken prayer and song.

Oh breathe upon our deadness,

Oh shine upon our glo,Om;

Lord, let us feel Thy presence

And rise and live and blo,Om.