O Wondrous Type Top Pick

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Instrumental Only?

For SATB Choir and Organ - Also workable in unison or 2 parts (simply sing verses 1&2 in unison, the descant is optional on the last verse).  A great hymn anthem on Arlen's original tune Bexhill Court.  A wonderful choice for Transfiguration Sunday.   Please note that the recording differs slightly from the published piece.  Learning tracks are accessible from a link on the downloaded .pdf.


O wondrous type! O vision fair
of glory that the Church may share,
which Christ upon the mountain shows,
where brighter than the sun he glows!

With Moses and Elijah nigh
th'incarnate Lord holds converse high,
and from the cloud the Holy One
bears record to the only Son.

With shining face and bright array
Christ deigns to manifest today
what glory shall be theirs above
who joy in God with perfect love.

And faithful hearts are raised on high
by this great vision's mystery,
for which in joyful strains we raise
the voice of prayer, the hymn of praise.

O Father, with th'eternal Son
and Holy Spirit ever one,
we pray you, bring us by your grace
to see your glory face to face.