Once Upon a Holy Night

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SATB Choir and Organ (Keyboard). A gentle, lilting pastorale painting a lovely portrait of the shepherds on that Holy Christmas Night.


There, once upon a holy night,
the earth waited quiet and still,
as softly, softly the singing came
to shepherds on Bethlehem's hills.
They saw the wonder fill the skies,
they knelt in sharp fear and bright awe,
as angels flew and heaven sang,
and watched as love became law.

They walked through darkness, lit by stars,
and felt the cold winter night's sting.
Poor shepherds, for a glimpse of joy
newborn, Jesus the King.
Through David's city on they went,
then finding the stable, the stable they sought,
a sudden shyness made them wait,
to see him, the gift that Mary brought.

So time divided that Holy night,
with nothing remaining the same,
between one heartbeat and the next
salvation forever was claimed.
And in that moment the world was whole,
in your heart, you may feel it yet,
perfection came to dwell with us,
the soul and redemption were met.