The Only Son From Heaven

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Instrumental Only?

SATB with organ and optional cello. Text by Elizabeth Cruciger. A wonderful anthem for after your Christmas celebrations have peaked. Lush and hymnlike, with an expansive "Amen" at the end.


The only Son from heaven,
Foretold by ancient seers,
By God the Father given,
In human form appears.
No sphere his light confining,
No star so brightly shining
As He, our Morning Star.

O time of God appointed,
O bright and holy morn!
He comes,  the King anointed,
The Christ, the virgin-born,
Grim death to vanquish for us,
to open heav’n before us,
And bring us life again.

Awaken, Lord, our spirit,
to know and love you more,
In faith to stand unshaken,
Inspirit to adore.
That we, through this world moving,
Each glimpse of heaven proving,
May reap its fullness there.

Oh, Father, here before you,
With God the Holy Ghost,
And Jesus we adore you,
The pride of angel host.
Before you mortals lowly
Cry “Holy, Holy, Holy,
O Blessed Trinity.”

No sphere his light confining,
No star so brightly shining,
As He our Morning Star.