People, Clap Your Hands!

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For SATB Choir, Flute, and Organ (or Piano). A wonderfully syncopated original melody pairs beautifully with the Bourgeois tune: Psalm 42. Fun to sing and fun to listen to!

Psalm 47  - paraphrase by Robert A. Hall, Jr.


People, clap your hands, all who fear the Lord. 
On this happy day, all with one accord; 
praise in solemn song, fill the arching sky,
Yahweh, Almighty God, the one most high. 
With his voice alone does he swiftly make 
great kings on their thrones, trembling, surely quake.

Open now thy gates of beauty; Zion, let me enter there; 
where my soul in joyful duty waits on him who answers prayer.
O how blessed is this place, filled with solace, light and grace. 

People, see him now, Holy God is here; 
so to honor him, worship and revere. 

We approach his throne, everlasting King; 
Sing, then, his bounties great let all now sing! 
With faithful hearts we praise praise the immortal one, 
Spirit in unity, Father, and the Son.