Psalm 150: Praise Eternal God

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Instrumental Only?

SATB and Organ, with tambourine. This lively and joyful anthem with its traditional harmony and snappy rhythms may keep your basses dancing with their "alleluia" line. The hymn "True Hearted, Whole Hearted" from the Cokesbury Hymnal inspired the harmony. This piece was composed for the Cathedral Choir of the Basilica of Saint Mary for their 2012 tour of France and Belgium. A wonderful, rollicking 6/8 with tambourine. Try it in French!

The French pronunciation guide (Word document) can be found in the EXTRAS (ZIP) file.

Psaume 150 : Bible Louis Segond (1910, droit libre)


1. Louez l'Eternel! Louez Dieu dans son sanctuaire!
     Louez-le dans l'étendue, où éclate sa puissance!
2. Louez-le pour ses hauts faits!
     Louez-le selon l'immensité de sa grandeur!
3. Louez-le au son de la trompette!
     Louez-le avec le luth et la harpe!
4. Louez-le avec le tambourin et avec des danses!
     Louez-le avec les instruments à cordes
5. Louez-le avec les cymbales sonores!
     Louez-le avec les cymbales retentissantes!
6. Que tout ce qui respire loue l'Eternel! Louez l'Eternel!

Psalm 150: English text by Mona Lyn Reese, 2012

1. Praise eternal God! Praise Him in his sanctuary!
      Praise Him in his glorious Heav'n, ablaze with his power!
2. Praise Him for his great works!
      Praise Him for the immensity of His greatness!
3. Praise Him by playing the trumpet!
      Praise Him with lute and harp!
4. Praise Him with tambourine and dancing.
      Praise Him with ringing strings and organ!
5. Praise Him with loud crashing cymbals!
      Praise Him with resounding, exciting cymbals!
6. Let all living creatures praise the Lord.