Quietly, Beneath the Dark Earth

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Instrumental Only?

SATB and Keyboard (organ or piano). A song of Spring with text by S.R. Lee. A wonderful Celtic flavor to the melody with some nice harmonic twists. This is one that your choir and congregation will be singing on the way home and for weeks to come.


Quietly, beneath the dark earth wait the seeds 'til spring shall come,
When a stirring warmth shall waken those that need the aid of sun.
In the early change of season God plans much that must be done;
Now the seeds beneath the dark earth stir with strength, life to be won.

Slowly seedlings rise and strengthen early while the spring is cold,
Pale and tender, no uncurling, newly born and newly bold.
Sun will warm them as they strengthen, little leaves can now unfold.
Reaching skyward, God is leading toward a future yet untold.

Sturdy plants rejoice in living, spread their leaves and flowers wide.
Send their seeds to scatter freely toward dark earth where they confide
These new lives to lie in soft peace, waiting time that God provides,
Full-grown plants, complete, accomplished, on his will have now relied.

When our lives seem in dark places, God is giving us a shield,
a protection from wild forces 'til the right time be revealed,
We will come forth when we're ready,
God to praise, our lives unsealed.
We'll rejoice, our lives to strengthen,
God's rich world to be our field.