Rejoice, The Year Upon Its Way

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Instrumental Only?

A wonderful arrangement of Orlando Gibbons' Song 44. A perfect anthem for the Birthday of the Church. And really, how much more English can you get? Easy and effective. All three scores included (SATB, SAB, or Two-Part Choir and Organ)


Rejoice the year upon its way
Has brought again that blessed day
When on the Church by Christ our Lord
The Holy Spirit was outpoured.

From out the heav’ns a rushing noise
Came like the tempest’s sudden voice,
And mingled with th’ Apostle’s prayer,
Proclaiming loud that God was there.

Like quiv’ring tongues of light and flame,
Upon each one the Spirit came:
Tongues, that the earth might hear their call,
And fire, that love might burn in all.

And so to all were spread abroad
The wonders of the works of God;
They knew the prophet’s word fulfilled,
And owned the gift which God had willed.

Look down, most gracious God, this day
Upon thy people as they pray;
And Christ the Lord upon us pour
The Spirit’s gift for evermore.