Savior of the Nations, Come

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Instrumental Only?

Two-part treble choir, flute, bassoon (or cello), and harp (or piano or organ). A wonderful and beautiful arrangement of Nun komm der Heiden Heiland.  It's also possible to play the accompaniment with organ (on the flute and bassoon parts) and harp.

  • Text Source: Text by Ambrose of Milan (d. 397), paraphrased by Martin Luther (1483-1546)
  • Included Hymn Tune: NUN KOMM, DER HEIDEN HEILAND, from Erfurt Enchiridia, 1524
  • Vocal Range: g-e’ (Treble II), g-g’ (Treble I)
  • Key: A minor
  • Meter: primarily 10/4, 8/4
  • Accompanying Instruments: Flute, basso,On (or cello), harp (or piano or organ)

Anthem Warm-Ups: Use the anthem-based warm-ups in the Warm-Ups October 2009 Newsletter. Teach each phrase on “loo”. Pay special attention to the tuning of intervals between the two parts as Trebles I and II sing the text “Alleluia” two beats apart, and intervals between parts on the final “Amen."

  • Teaching Points: 
  1. Changing meter
  2. Singing in style of plainsong chant
  3. Singing with little accompaniment support of vocal line
  4. Tuning of pitches and intervals, m. 22-23
  5. Breath support of long phrases

Saviour of the Nations, come Virgin's Son, make here thy home.  Marvel now both heaven and earth that the Lord chose such a birth.  Alleluia.