The Shepherds

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SATB Choir and Piano or Organ. This delightful anthem is from Hyun Kook and has been given a Christmas text by Carol McClure. A simple, graceful melody and an accompaniment that simply sparkles with Christmas!

This recording was recorded and produced by Chorale 21, Korea (in Korean) and is used by kind permission.


So hush'd the night, so still the air
As humble shepherds watched o'er their sheep,
Even the glory of the heavens could not rouse
their flocks from sleep.
But then one voice, one angel voice,
resounded over the hills they strayed,
God's own herald pierced the silence
With the words, "be not afraid!"

Such angel words, from angel voice,
Caught weary shepherds, their lambs and ewes,
By surprise; and so they listened
to the angel's joyous news:
"For unto you is born this day God's Son,
your Savior the Christ, our Lord;
You shall find him in a manger,
Holy Child, by Heaven adored,

Angels sang in the splendor,
Praising God for Jesus' birth,
Sounding, "Glory in the highest,
God's peace to all on earth."
And shepherds, awed by what they heard,
Inspired together by angel bands,
Walked in wonder toward the manger,
That dark night in Bethlehem.

So hushed the night, so still the air
As humble shepherds who sought God's Son
Would, themselves, become the bearers
Of the tidings, "Christ has come."