Sing Praise To God

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Instrumental Only?
  • Text Source: Harmonia Sacra, altered CM
  • Tune Source: Harmonia Sacra
  • Worship Use: Praise/Thanksgiving
  • Vocal Part(s):  Unison
  • Vocal Range: f-f’
  • Key: B flat major
  • Meter: 2/2
  • Accompanying Instrument: Organ (or piano)

Target Age Group: Grades 3-6

Description: Sing Praise to God is a rousing setting of a memorable American melody  from the early part of the nineteenth century. This works well with either piano or organ accompaniment, but the organ is well suited to the  character of the accompaniment. This anthem would serve as an energetic  choral introit/call to worship or praise anthem for Choir Dedication  Sunday or Thanksgiving.

Anthem Warm-Ups

  •  bars 5-6: “Sing praise to God” (Bb-F-D-Bb) – intervallic tuning
  •  bars 13-14: “With joyful songs His” (F-Bb-Bb-D-F) – intervallic tuning

Teaching Points

  •  Rhythm/Meter: Counting/comprehending 2/2 time, as opposed to 4/4
  • Intervallic Tuning: Tuning melodic descending fourths and ascending sixths
  • Music History: Learning about early American hymn tunes and their compilation
  • Music History/Style Exploration: Listening to/watching a variety of choral performances of early American hymn tunes

Sing praise to God; let cheerful anthems ring!
Let all our hearts and loves his goodness sing.

With joyful songs his wondrous works proclaim!
Let every tongue bring praises to his name!

O earth, made verdant by his light divine!
Teeming with grass and corn and oil and wine!

Crowned with his goodness, let the nations meet!
to lay their bounty at his holy feet.

Zion, e'er blessed by God's eternal love,
Sing forth your praise to him who reigns above.

Praise to the Father, Praise unto the Son;
And with the Spirit, Lord God, Three in One.