Song of Thanks to God

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Instrumental Only?

SATB and Keyboard - Haydn's Aus dem Dankliede zu Gott is number twelve of a set of thirteen part-songs dating from 1796. Its text is a stanza from a longer poem of Gellert. The key and time signatures are here unchanged from the original. The accompaniment supports the voice parts but is an obbligato part, not simply a keyoard reduction of the voice parts. There edition corrects some inconsistency in the original edition regarding slurs, rests, and stems in the keyboard part; in these matters the present new edition attempts simply to be clean, clear, and as consistent as possible. The editor has supplied the suggested metronome indication. A wonderful piece, perfect for Lent (or anytime!)


to God is due all praise and all glory
You, Lord, always my fortune have guided,
and with your hand, you sheltered me.