St. James Christmas Service

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Instrumental Only?

For Congregation, Organ or Piano, and opt. C Instrument (flute, oboe, violin). This is a setting of the Rite II service for Christmas Eve and the Christmas season. The St. James Christmas Service utilizes Christmas hymns with which your congregation is already familiar. It is perfect for a Family service on Christmas Eve, or any time during the Advent/Christmas season where the congregation is invited to participate in singing the service music.

The Kyrie is set to Infant Holy, Infant Lowly, the Gloria paraphrase is set to Angels We Have Heard On High, the Sanctus to Jesus Our Brother, Kind and Go,Od, and the Fraction Anthem to What Child Is This? Simple for your congregation to learn, these settings take almost no rehearsal (especially if a choir is present) and will be a congregational favorite for years to come.

The congregational parts are located in the EXTRAS (ZIP) file if you are a subscriber.

If you are NOT a subscriber, we're still happy for you to have this. The score and congregational parts for your bulletin are located here.