Suo Gân (Lullaby)

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Instrumental Only?

Two-Part Women's voices (opt. divisi to three-parts) and organ or piano. Suo Gân is a traditional Welsh lullaby, now adapted and most notably sung during the Christmas season as Mary's lullaby to the baby Jesus. The song's title simply means lullaby (suo = lull; cân = song). Beautiful as a solo, a duet, or with your women's chorus.


Sleep, my darling, sleep so sweetly,
Warm and tender in my arms,
I will guard you, I will hold you,
Safe against the world's alarms.
Soon enough will come the morning,
Soon will come the dawning ray;
Now you sleep in true contentment
Till the breaking of the day.

Here tonight I hold you tightly
And enfold you while you sleep,
Tell me why I see you smiling
Smiling in your slumber deep.
Angels in the heav'ns rejoicing,
With the stars, raise high the strain.
Do you smile to hear their praises,
Echoing the glad refrain?

Do not fear the breath of winter
Brushing leaves across the floor;
Storms will come and tempests gather
Yet will not come near your door.
Sleep, my darling, none shall harm you
As you slumber, heav'nly blessed;
While across the starry heavens
Holy angels guard your rest.