There Is Much In The World

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Instrumental Only?

Two-part treble choir and keyboard. A gentle celebration of Creation.


There is much in the world that can call forth our praise.
You have made it all.
As our song now takes up sights and sounds of the earth,
all voices shall be one.
For the sound of the rain, for the fierce rushing waves,
for water quiet and cool;
we give praise and thanks, in each droplet we see,
all of your love for us.

For the warmth of a fire, for a blaze through the sky,
for orange and yellow sparks, we give praise and thanks.
In each flicker we see, all of your love for us.
For the green of the earth, for the rich, leafy trees;
for air that's fresh and clean;
we give praise and thanks,
through each breath and each glimpse,
we see your love for us.