Three Kings from Persian Lands

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Instrumental Only?

SATB and Organ. A beautifully simple Christmas/Epiphany anthem by Holst. If you're looking for an English feel, you've got it here. This can easily sound stunning for your choir, and it's a fine choice for a lower stress piece during the Christmas season without lacking in quality or beauty. Great for your Christmas Lessons and Carols service.


In Bethlehem, that noble place,
Of the Virgin Mary, full of grace,
In a stable, all forlorn,
The Savior of the World was born.
Be we merry in this feast,
Salvator mundi natus est. [In which the Savior, Christ, is born.]

Three kings from Persian lands afar,
Following the distant star:
And this the quest of travellers three,
Where the new born king may be.
Be we merry, etc.

The star shines out with steadfast ray,
The kings to Bethlehem make their way,
And there in worship, they bend the knee,
unto the child they'd come to see.
Be we merry, etc.

The star of mercy, the star of grace,
Shall lead thy heart to its resting place:
God, incense, myrrh, thou cannot bring,
So give thy heart unto the king.
Be we merry, etc.