The Trees

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Instrumental Only?

Utilizes the plainsong melody Victimae Paschali Laudes (sequence for Easter) as a refrain to a text by Beverly Easterling and Mark Schweizer that relates the seaons to Mary Magdelene's journey to the cross and beyond. Mysterious and chantlike.  SATB (some divisi) and organ.


In the autumn trees foretelling,
Red and gold in mocking tone,
Walked Maria Magdalena
Following her path alone.

So with autumn color fading
Heavy, aching branches groan.
Cruce te suspensum, Alleluia [on the cross suspended]
She had seen him through the winter,
As the trees lay stark and bare
Sweetest wood and sweetest iron
Sweetest fruit suspended there.

Trees in winter stripped and wanting
Not a bird or blossom wear
O salvator mundi, Alleluia [O saviour of the world].

Bringing myrrh, she walked past springtime,
Grief, her comfort, hate her power.
Could not see the hidden promise
Breaking into glorious flower.
Trees now breaking forth from slumber,
Budding in this early hour.
Reconciliavit, Alleluia. [Reconciling us]

In the summer of her dawning
Springing forth from darkest night
She beheld the tree of glory
Bringing forth its glorious sight
Alleluia, Alleluia.

Christe resurrexit, alleluia. [Christ is risen]