The Turtle Dove

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An arrangement of the shape-note hymn Sidney from the Southern Harmony (1835). Vigorous and rhythmic. SATB a cappella.


Hark! Don't you hear the turtle dove,
The token of the Savior's love?
From hill to hill we hear the sound
The neighboring valleys echo round.

O Zion, hear the turtle dove,
The token of his love!
She comes the desert land to cheer,
And welcomes in the jubil year.

The winter's past, the rain is o'er,
We feel the chilling winds no more;
The spring is come, how sweet the view;
All things appear divinely new.
On Zion's mount the watchmen cry,
The resurrection's nigh.
Behold the nations from abroad
Are flocking to the mount of God.

His banner soon will be unfurled,
And he will come to judge the world,
On Zion's mountain we shall stand,
In Canaan's fairest land.
When sun and moon shall darkened be,
And gone, the land and sea,
When worlds on worlds together blaze,
We'll shout and loud hosannas raise,
we'll shout and sing his praise!