Twas In The Year That King Uzziah Died Top Pick

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For SATB Choir and Organ - A straightforward setting of the famous text by G.R. Woodward.  Easily put together!


'Twas in the year that King Uzziah died,
A vision by Isaiah was espied:
A lofty throne, the Lord was set there on;
And with his glory all the temple shone.

Bright Seraphim were standing round about;
Six wings had every of that choir devout;
With twain he awesome veiled his face,
and so With twain he dreadful veiled his feet below.

With twain did he now hither thither fly:
And thus aloud did one to other cry:
Holy is God, the Lord of Sabaoth,
Holy is God, the Lord of Sabaoth.

Holy is God, the Lord of Sabaoth,
Full of his glory are earth and heaven both,
And at their cry the lintels moved apace,
And clouds of incense filled the holy place.