Two Short Anthems for Holy Week

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Instrumental Only?

SATB Choir and solos. Two beautiful, short anthems for Holy Week Services.

The Mandatum (from whence we get our words: "Maundy" and "mandate" - From the Latin: noun use of mandatus, past participle of mandare: to commission, literally, to give into someone's hand.) A simple and stunning setting of the text traditionally used for the anthems sung at the footwashing service on Maundy Thursday. If you don't have a footwashing service, still consider these for your Maundy Thursday/Holy Week services. Just right for communion as well.


John 13:12, 34,35
John 14:27

The Lord Jesus, after he had supped with his disciples, and had washed their feet, said to them:

Peace is my last gift to you,
my own peace I now leave with you;
peace which the world cannot give
I give to you.

Do you know what I, your Lord and your Master, have done to you?
I have given you an example,
That you should do as I have done.

By this shall the world know that you are my disciples:
that you have love for one another.

Crux fidelis

The text, Crux Fidelis, is part of a larger work by Fortunatus (c. 530-609 AD) beginning Pange Lingua ('Sing, my tongue'). This hymn is used on Good Friday during the Adoration of the Cross and in the Liturgy of the Hours during Holy Week. This setting is just lovely.

Faithful cross above all other,
one and only noble tree!
None in foliage, none in blossom,
none in fruit thy peer may be:
sweetest wood and sweetest iron,
sweetest weight is hung on thee.