When Christ Broke Bread Top Pick

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Instrumental Only?

For Unison Choir (with optional descant) and Keyboard - A beautiful hymn anthem using the tune Rockingham with an original text by Linda Muehlig.  Not too difficult and would work well for your summer choir, Maundy Thursday, or during communion anytime.  The recording is of the SAB version, which is available here.


When Christ broke bread and raised the cup
Our souls' deep hungers were relieved.
Fed by the food Christ lifted up
How can we taste and not believe?

The comfort of a loved one's voice
In kind words given and received;
In these Christ's music is rejoiced.
How can we hear and not believe?

When hands are joined and we embrace
Our love for Christ more love conceives.
God gives this sacrament of grace.
How can we touch and not believe?

If faith is blind we see no loss;
The image always we perceive
Is love resplendent on a cross.
How can we see and not believe?

Christ ends the end we cannot bear.
The scent of flowers as we grieve
Is winter dying in spring air.
How can we live and not believe?