The Wisdom of God

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Instrumental Only?

From our archives. SATB and organ. Moderately difficult organ part, easier choir part. Wonderful, atmospheric, and ecstatic Advent anthem of surpassing beauty!

Roland E. Martin turned to an Orthodox text for this SATB anthem:


The Creator, the Wisdom of God draws near,
The mist of the prophet’s promise is dispersed.
Joy clears the skies, truth is resplendent,
The dark shadows are dispelled,
The gates of Eden are opened,
Adam dances in exultation:
Our Creator and God wills to fashion us anew.

"The music is atmospheric, the haze provided by organ strings and a flute stop playing the melody of the Gregorian antiphon, O Sapientia (one of the “O Antiphons” from which our hymn, O come, Emmanuel, is assembled). A little later, the choir begins singing the text syllabically, homophonically, and mostly phrase-by-phrase, with organ interludes of varying length returning to the opening texture and gradually completing the antiphon melody. There is a grand and fitting build-up for the dispersal of shadows and Adam’s exultant dance, fading away for the last line. I can hardly wait."
Alan Lewis, Review - AAM Journal, November 2010