The World Is Filled With Creatures

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Instrumental Only?

Choir (or solos) and Organ or Piano. The Blessing of the Animals: Yes, it's that time of year when all God's creatures come down to be blessed! Okay, you might not want to sing this for a traditional worship service, but when you have dogs, cats, goldfish, guinea pigs, turtles, pygmy hedgehogs, and the occasional llama traveling down the center aisle to be blessed, what could be more fun than this? Set the organ to "calliopy" and sing away as the blessings begin (in more ways than one!) Use as many verses as you need.

Text by Thomas A. Hassing.


The world is filled with creatures, you can see them all around,
With some that fly up to the sky or crawl upon the ground.
They swim the seas, they hide in holes or use a tree to nest,
But every creature I have seen is one I like the best!

A nuthatch does not hatch a nut, sandpipers do not pipe
The wood duck is not made of wood of any common type
But birds have wings to fly the skies, their voice is always strong
They let us dream of freedom and they give the gift of song.

Your dog is always waiting when you come back to the house,
The cat will rub along your leg and shed upon your blouse,
But we hug them and we pet them, they're a gift from up above,
They fill our hearts with laughter and they show us how to love

Beavers ‘n bison ‘n birdies ‘n bats! Chipmunks ‘n cheetahs ‘n camels ‘n cats!
Donkeys ‘n duckies ‘n dolphins ‘n dogs, ferrets ‘n foxes ‘n fishes ‘n frogs!


The silkworm spins the thread with which we weave the finest cloth,
And none can match the beauty of a butterfly or moth.
The sweetest food is given to us by the honeybee—
How wonderful is what these creatures do for you and me

Dolphins dive below the waves and fishes swim in schools,
Salmon spawn in creeks and starfish bathe in tidal pools.
With flying fish above and living coral reefs below,
The waters of the Earth give life to help them all to grow!

Spiders ‘n sparrows ‘n spaniels ‘n sloths! Monkeys ‘n mousies ‘n minnows ‘n moths!
Hedgehogs ‘n hippos ‘n horses ‘n hens! Warthogs ‘n walleyes ‘n walrus ‘n wrens!

Cows out in the pasture lay and calmly chew their cud.
Sheep may safely graze the fields and pigs will play in mud,
Oxen toil with the yoke and horses we can ride—
These animals feed and clothe us and they help us at our side

Praise the Lord Most High through Brother Sun and Sister Moon,
And through the Creatures of the Earth and with this joyful tune.
The animals need us to live and on them we depend,
They’re members of our family and each one is our friend.