Jack M. Vogel

Birth / Death Dates
1922 - 2007

Jack M. Vogel was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and grew up in San Diego, CA, where he studied violin and harmony with Russell Keeney and conducting with his step-father, Nino Marcelli, founder of the San Diego Symphony. After earning a Master's Degree in Chemistry at the University of California in Berkeley he began a 40-year career as a rocket propulsion specialist. In 1964 he joined the choir of Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church in Saratoga, California, and is still an active member. In 1969 he began composing, arranging, and transcribing choral music. In addition to his primary career in rocket propulsion, he has taught chemistry and electrical engineering at the U. S. Naval Academy, chemistry at the University of California, and rocket propulsion at Stanford University, as well as courses in technical writing and management systems. He also has authored books on rocket and ramjet propulsion as well as articles on management.