A Virgin Most Pure

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Instrumental Only?

SAB Choir and Organ (or Piano). A nice, easy setting of this Worcester melody. Quickly learned and quite charming! Can also be done with soloists on the unison verses.


A virgin most pure, as the Prophets do tell,
Hath brought forth a baby, as it hath befell,
to be our Redeemer from death, hell and sin,
Which Adam’s transgression had wrapped us in.

Then God sent an Angel from Heaven so high,
to certain poor Shepherds in fields where they lye,
And bade them no longer in sorrow to stay,
Because that our Saviour was born on this day.

Then presently after the Shepherds did spy
A number of Angels that stood in the sky;
Who joyfully talked and sweetly did sing,
to God be all glory our Heavenly King.

to teach us Humility all this was done,
Then learn we from hence haughty pride for to shun;
A manger's His cradle, who came from above,
The Great God of Mercy, of Peace, and of Love.