A Welcome Song

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SATB (or two-part) choir and organ or piano. A gentle and delightful hymn for baptism - suitable for gathering at the font, an offertory, or as an anthem. Easily put together just after Christmas for Baptism Sunday, but use anytime a piece for baptism is needed.


Welcome newborn lambs, who in his pastures dwell;
where caring shepherds bring them gently to the well;
For living waters will their thirst relieve.

Leading to the waters, wond'ring shepherds sing
 the songs of new creation; Ev'ry living thing,
when drinking deeply, will this song receive.

Heard in Eden's garden when the world was new.
Heard again in Bethl'em by a thirsty few.
And those who hear the song of Life, believe.

Here the newborn lambs may see the Savior's face.
With heads bent low, partaking of his perfect grace.
And fin'ly rising from the water, live!