Chorister Collection

Our Chorister Collection is a series of choral classics set in melody-only scores, making it simpler for beginner choristers to follow the music. The collection also includes complimentary SATB and accompaniment scores, all with permission to copy. 

Suggested Anthems for Autumn 2022 September 11-November 24

Suggested Anthems for Advent 2022-Holy Week

Score Choices:

  • Treble-Only Scores make it very simple to begin teaching the choristers how to read the music. All they have to do is follow line-by-line. Emphasis can then be placed on creating a beautiful sound, breathing, following and reading the notes, reading the texts, and learning how to pronounce Latin. All of the system layouts and measure numbers are consistent with the complimentary scores described below. So, when you do decide to move more experienced choristers up to singing from and learning how to follow the full open scores, that will also be more easily accomplished, as it is much more practical to introduce multi-staff open-score reading once they already know the music.
  • Treble & Accompaniment Scores are intended for treble-only singing with accompaniment, or simply for the director and accompanist to use in rehearsals. 
  • SATB are traditional choral scores. But, to save paper, accompaniments are not included. Cue notes are provided for finding pitches at entrances. If your choir wants to read the full edition with accompaniment, use the one below! 
  • SATB & Accompaniment are traditional full scores. We realize that playing from open scores in rehearsals for unaccompanied motets can be challenging for some accompanists. We also realize that it may be too challenging for some choirs to sing these anthems and motets unaccompanied. So, reduced-score keyboard parts for that repertoire are included here for both purposes. For accompanying, depending on the work, the keyboard parts may be arranged in a very legato style to simply serve as a harmonic background of support.

Curated and edited by Thom Pavlechko.

Title Composer Voicing(s) Preview
Christians, to the Paschal Victim Anonymous Unison find_in_page
O Sacrum Convivium Thomas Pavlechko SATB, Unison find_in_page
O Salutaris Hostia Edward Elgar SATB, Unison find_in_page
O Taste and See Thomas Pavlechko SATB, Unison find_in_page
O Salutaris Hostia Ludwig van Beethoven SATB, Unison find_in_page
Come, Holy Ghost Thomas Attwood Solo(s), Unison find_in_page
Since By Man Came Death George Friedrich Handel Unison, SATB find_in_page
O Bread of Life From Heaven J.S. Bach Unison, SATB find_in_page
Let the Same Mind be in You Thomas Pavlechko SATB find_in_page
Adoramus te Christe Giovanni da Palestrina SATB, Unison find_in_page
There Is a Balm in Gilead Anonymous Unison, SATB find_in_page
Sheep May Safely Graze J.S. Bach Unison find_in_page
Ave Verum Corpus Edward Elgar Unison, SATB find_in_page
Hide Not Thou Thy Face From Us (Psalm 27) Richard Farrant Unison, SATB find_in_page
Lord, Thee I Love With All My Heart J.S. Bach Unison, SATB find_in_page
God So Loved the World John Goss Unison, SATB find_in_page
All Who Believe and Are Baptized J.S. Bach SATB, Unison find_in_page
If Ye Love Me Thomas Tallis SATB, Unison find_in_page
Our Ancient Adam J.S. Bach SATB, Unison find_in_page
All My Heart This Night Rejoices Johann Georg Ebeling SATB, Unison find_in_page
Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light J.S. Bach SATB, Unison find_in_page
The Only Son from Heaven J.S. Bach SATB, Unison find_in_page
Ding Dong! Merrily on High Charles Wood SATB, Unison find_in_page
Sleepers, Wake! J.S. Bach Unison find_in_page
My Lord, What a Mornin' Anonymous SATB, Unison find_in_page
O Comfort, Now My People Thomas Pavlechko SATB find_in_page
Salvation Unto Us Has Come J.S. Bach SATB, Unison find_in_page
Give Almes of Thy Goods Christopher Tye SATB, Unison find_in_page
Blessed Are The Pure in Heart H. Walford Davies SATB, Unison find_in_page
Panis Angelicus César Franck SATB+, Unison, 2-part find_in_page
Lift Thine Eyes Felix Mendelssohn SSA, Unison find_in_page
Rejoice in the Lord Alway Henry Purcell SATB, Unison find_in_page
Thou Knowest, Lord, the Secrets of Our Hearts Henry Purcell SATB, Unison find_in_page
God Be In My Head Sydney Nicholson SATB, Unison find_in_page
Create in Me, O God (Psalm 51) Johannes Brahms SATB+, Unison find_in_page
Cantate Domino (Psalm 149) Giuseppe Ottavio Pitoni SATB, Unison find_in_page
O Lord, Increase My Faith Henry Loosemore SATB, Unison find_in_page
Jesus Priceless Treasure J.S. Bach SATB, Unison find_in_page
These Are They Which Follow the Lamb John Goss Unison, SATB find_in_page
Locus Iste Anton Bruckner SATB, Unison find_in_page
Lord, For Thy Tender Mercy's Sake Richard Farrant SATB, Unison find_in_page