And With This Bread

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Eucharistic text by the composer. Easy to learn, with a lyrical and flowing melody. SATB with piano or organ.


And with this bread, his Body broken, his life laid down for thee.
And with this wine, his life was given, as with grace he set us free.
In the stillness of this moment, lifting empty hearts above,
From thy everlasting patience, dear Lord, we receive thy love.

We come in pain, in joy, and sorrow, offering all we hope to be.
We bring our tenderness, our nothingness, sins that God alone does see.
Sharing life within its circle, echoes love eternally.
Lord, thy perfect gift unites us, our souls complete in thee.

And with this bread, thy joy lives in us, ever shining in our lives.
And with this wine, our faith is strengthened in thy love which never dies.
If we share what we've been given, gently nurture each rebirth,
Our deeds reflect thy Glory, a foretaste of heaven on earth.