Title Composer Voicing(s) Preview
Ave Verum Corpus Sarah MacDonald 3-part (equal voices) find_in_page
Nearer, My God, to Thee Georgiann H. Toole 2-part mixed find_in_page
God of Mercy, God of Grace Jerry Davidson 2-part mixed find_in_page
Hymn of St. Thomas Aquinas Mark Schweizer SATB find_in_page
Verily, Verily I Say Unto You Thomas Tallis SATB find_in_page
O Savior of the World Arthur Somervell SATB find_in_page
Christus Factus Est Roland E. Martin SATB find_in_page
Love Bade Me Welcome Roland E. Martin SATB find_in_page
If I Have Not Love Mark Schweizer SATB find_in_page
Bread of the World John Abdenour Unison find_in_page
Come To The Feast Hyun Kook SATB find_in_page
A New Commandment William Mundy SATB find_in_page
Sweet Spirit, Comfort Me Crawford R. Thoburn SATB find_in_page
Jesus! Name of Wondrous Love! Robert J. Powell 2-part mixed find_in_page
The King of Heaven His Table Spreads Daniel Burton SATB find_in_page
This Is The Hour Richard Shephard 2-part find_in_page
Bread of the World Richard Shephard SATB, 2-part mixed find_in_page
According To Thy Gracious Word W.A. Mozart 2-part, SAB, SATB find_in_page
Come, Dearest Lord James Kirkby 2-part find_in_page
Come Down, O Love Divine Charles Beaudrot SATB find_in_page
O Spotless Lamb J.S. Bach SATB find_in_page
He That Raised Up Jesus (Psalm 16) Carlton T. Russell 2-part mixed find_in_page
My Song is Love Unknown Mark Schweizer SAB find_in_page
What Wondrous Love Charles Dupree Unison find_in_page
O Taste and See (Psalm 34) Timothy Flynn SAB find_in_page
Humbly I Adore Thee William Roger Price SAB find_in_page
Once I Ached for Thee Robert Pearsall SATB find_in_page
Thou My Everlasting Portion Opal S. Davis SAB find_in_page
God Be In My Head Mark Schweizer SATB find_in_page
Lead, Kindly Light Robert W. Lehman SATB find_in_page
God Be In My Head Arlen Clarke SAB find_in_page
Our souls in silence wait (Psalm 62) William Bradley Roberts SATB find_in_page
Holy Heavenly Love Mark Browse SATB find_in_page
O Saving Victim Roland E. Martin SATB find_in_page
Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee Arlen Clarke Unison find_in_page
Thy Feast of Love Richard Shephard SATB find_in_page
Hear My Prayer, O God (Psalm 55) James Kent 2-part mixed find_in_page
Prelude on "O Waly Waly" Raymond H. Haan Organ find_in_page
O Taste and See (Psalm 34) Thomas Pavlechko SATB find_in_page
Missa super Dixit Maria Hans Leo Hassler SATB find_in_page
Six Table Anthems Richard Shephard SATB find_in_page
Word Made Flesh Gabriel Fauré SAB find_in_page
The Disciples Knew the Lord Jesus Mark Schweizer 2-part, SATB find_in_page
Agnus Dei Thomas Morley SAB find_in_page
Nearer, My God, to Thee Georgiann H. Toole SAB find_in_page
Author of Life Richard Shephard 2-part find_in_page
For The Bread Which Thou Hast Broken William Bradley Roberts 2-part mixed find_in_page
This Joyful Eastertide Robert J. Powell SAB find_in_page
Ave Maria Chris Bearer SAB find_in_page
Bread of the World, In Mercy Broken Carlton Young 2-part mixed find_in_page