Ave Verum Corpus Top Pick


For any combination of 3 voices - A nifty canon using the well-known latin text.  Appropriate for Lent, Holy Week, or communion anytime.


Ave, verum corpus natum
de Maria Virgine:
vere passum, immolatum
in cruce pro homine:
cuius latus perforatum
unda fluxit et sanguine:  
esto nobis praegustatum,
in mortis examine.


English Translation:

Hail the true body, born
of/from the Virgin Mary:
You who truly suffered and were sacrificed
on the cross for the sake of man.
From whose pierced flank
flowed water and blood:
Be a foretaste for us
in the trial of death.
O sweet, O merciful,
O Jesus, Son of Mary.
Have mercy on me. Amen.