For The Bread Which Thou Hast Broken

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Instrumental Only?

For Two-part mixed choir (men and trebles) with organ with optional descant or obbligato instrument. Could be done as a solo as well. A gentle and utterly charming anthem for communion. Easy to put together and requiring minimal rehearsal: the verses add parts as they go.  A summer/small choir favorite!


For the bread which thou hast broken,
for the wine which thou hast poured,
For the words which thou hast spoken,

Now we give thee thanks, O Lord.

By this pledge that thou dost love us,
By the gift of peace restored,
By thy call to heaven above us,
Hallow all our lives, O Lord.

In thy service, Lord, defend us,
In our hearts keep watch and ward,
In the world where thou dost send us,
Let thy kingdom come, O Lord.