Come To The Feast

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Instrumental Only?

SATB with organ or piano. Sumptuous part-writing abounds in this wonderful communion anthem. Text by Carol McClure.  

Recording (in Korean) - Used by kind permission  - Ajoo Concert Choir - Myeong Un Im, conductor


Come in to the feast that our Lord has provided,
Brothers and sisters, who gather in this place;
Come savor this meal as you savor this moment;
Come giving thanks as you meet Him face to face.

Come off’ring your hearts to be bathed in His mercy,
Humble and open to follow after Christ;
Come, laying aside all your strife and your anger
Come in repentance to the One who offers life.

Bread of redemption, Cup of salvation, 
Served by Our Savior, this sweet celebration;
Glory and honor, praise, adoration
Unto our Lord, for His table set with grace.

Partake of this bread, for you it is broken;
Come drink this wine: for you, it has been poured.
Then, brothers and sisters, who meet at His table;
Go out to serve in the name of our Lord.