To God Be The Glory

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Instrumental Only?

Gloria text in English (paraphrase by Mark Schweizer) to the Scottish tune "Leaving of Lismore."  Unison and/or SATB with organ.


to God be the glory, all glory in the highest
and peace to his people who dwell here below.
Our heavenly Father, our Lord and Sovereign,
to you, the Almighty, our praises bestow.
We worship and adore you, we bow before you
with grateful thanksgiving, our song let us raise.
All glory and honor and glad adoration to
God in the highest: hosanna and praise.

Lord Jesus, the only-begotten of the Father,
we praise and we bless you, the Son and the Lamb.
The sin of the world you have taken upon you,
have mercy upon us, O Great I Am.
For holy, you meet us, yet lowly you greet us,
the Lord in the highest, the Holy One.
All glory to the Father, the Son, and the Spirit,
from ages everlasting, the Three in One.