Here Marked Not With Water Only

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Instrumental Only?

Two-Part Choir (optional SATB, optional descant instrument, optional assembly) and Organ. Need an anthem for a baptism or renewal of vows? Here it is! An easy setting of a baptismal hymn by Robert Weaver (text by Bill Pasch) that works wonderfully well for the occasion. Use as a processional to the font, hymn for the day, or as a response to the sacrament.

The hymn and congregational melody (EPS, TIFF and JPG files for printing bulletins) are included in the EXTRAS (ZIP) file if your congregation would like to sing along.


Here marked not with water only
but with Word, the signs of Grace,
Child of God, with us as fam'ly
standing with you in this place,
may our witness help imagine
Love that fills all time and space!

Fear no evil on your journey.
To you God has freely giv'n
all the love you need forever,
in Christ's sacrifice for sin.
Death was beaten by Christ's rising!
Now no foes can ever win.

May the Holy Spirit guide you
in the paths of heaven's love.
Grace unearned, yet still inspiring
deeds returning thanks above.
Now reborn, washed with God's blessing,
faithful, go! All mountains move!