His Moste Holy Lyfe

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Two-Part Mixed Choir and Organ. And easy, lyrical, and effective setting of Thomas Cranmer's (1489-1556) collect.

Originally, the collect for the Second Sunday after Easter.

Composer's note: Although the vast majority of the collects (prayers) of Archbishop Cranmer are based on Latin originals, this one is among the few that were newly composed for the first Book of Common Prayer (1549). Amen has been added as was customary for collects of the day in later editions of the prayer book.


Almightie God, which haste geuen
thy only sonne to bee unto us,
bothe a sacrifice for synne,
and also an example of Godly life;
Geue us the grace
that we maie alwaies moste thankfully receiue
that his inestimable benefite,
and also dayely indeuour ourselfes
to folow the blessed steppes
of his moste holy lyfe. Amen.

[Almighty God, who hast given
thy only Son to be unto us
both a sacrifice for sin,
and also an example of godly life;
Give us grace
that we may always most thankfully receive
that his inestimable benefit,
and also daily endeavor ourselves
to follow the blessed steps
of his most holy life. Amen.]