Love Is All Our Joy

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Instrumental Only?

For Unison or Two-Part Choir and keyboard with optional C-Instrument. Tune: Greensleves (you know it, you love it!) Text from Colossians 3:12-17. This text only appears once in the lectionary. Year C - the First Sunday after Christmas. And here are three reasons why this is a GREAT anthem for the day (especially for numerically challenged choirs.)

  1. It's the Sunday after Christmas and your men's section may consist of Edith, your 73 year-old tenor.
  2. This is a Sunday Morning One-Rehearsal Anthem! You won't need to take valuable rehearsal time away Respighi's Laud to the Nativity that you're planning for Christmas Eve.
  3. It's still the season of Christmas after all, and the tune (Greensleeves) gives us a little Christmas - with a great text from Colossians.

Anointed as God's chosen ones,
beloved, pure, and holy,
With patience, kindness, clothe yourselves,
a mantle, meek and lowly.

Love, love, is all our joy,
binding us in harmony,
With love we can ne'er destroy
the peace of Christ within us.

Compassion, mercy, charity,
these gifts to us are given;
Forgive all others, bear with them,
as you have been forgiven.


Our words, our deeds, our gifts of love,
to Jesus Christ we raise them,
Give thanks to God who reigns above,
sing psalms and hymns to praise Him.