My Soul Doth Magnify/Song of Simeon

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Instrumental Only?

An EASY and effective (choirs love it!) setting of the Magnificat and Nunc dimittis. Homophonic and quick to learn, with a new poetic English version and organ interludes between stanzas. Renaissancy and fun. Do some of the stanzas (accompanied) as a solo or a duet. Throw in some recorders, shawms, and sacbuts! Why not?

(Note: The Magnificat is recorded with choir; Nunc dimittis with instruments.)



My soul doth magnify the Lord,
In God, my Savior shall rejoice;
He raises me from low estate,
And gives a hundred blessings voice.

All generations call me blest,
Yes, God has done great things for me;
And Holy is his righteous name,
to those who know his majesty.

His arm is strong to all who fear,
The proud he scatters in their greed;
He casts the mighty from their thrones,
And lifts the lowly from their need.

He fills the hungry with good things,
The rich he sends away in shame;
The humble he has lifted high,
to magnify his Holy Name.

Remembering His mercy sure,
His servants, Israel, embrace;
As prophesied in days of old,
to Abraham and all his race.

All Glory to the Father God,
and to the Son, whom we adore;
The Holy Spirit, three in one,
Forever, and forever more.

Nunc dimittis

Lord, you set your servant free,
peace in my departing,
As your word has promised me,
joy, your grace imparting.
For my eyes have seen your light,
the hope of nations in my sight.

From creation you prepared,
hope of our salvation,
For your people, gently spared,
and to ev'ry nation.
Glory to Emmanuel
and to your people Israel.

Glory to the Father, Son,
to the Holy Spirit,
to the Godhead, three in one,
with eternal merit,
Endless ages ebb and flow,
Yet ever still your mercy show.