Share With the Hungry Your Bread Top Pick

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Instrumental Only?

For SAB Choir and Organ - An original and fresh text by the Rev. Annemarie Kidder set to a haunting tune by Carol Muehlig.  Would make a beautiful choice for Ash Wednesday or a communion anthem anytime.  Also available in a version for SAB Choir, Flute and Keyboard.  Note that the recording differs slightly from the published version.  Learning tracks are accessible from the downloaded .pdf.


Share with the hungry your bread,
take to the lonely your heart,
strengthen the weak as in weakness you give,
daily allow for fresh starts.
Live in the moment as moments do come,
Live out the calling begun.

Tenderly touch your mistakes
softly embrace where you failed,
treasure the measures of longing and love,
open to change from above.
Live with the question as questions do come,
live out the answer begun.

Gently admit to your pain, 
frequently visit the strain,
look to what tension, what terror you yield,
kneel on the earth of their field.
Sit in discomfort for patience to come,
live out the healing begun.

Lovingly honor your grief,
patiently pray for relief;
dig up your weakness and pain and mistake,
hold it to see it abate.
Human and tender we willingly come,
living what Christ has begun.