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Adrian Batten O Sing Joyfully (Ps. 81)

Crawford R. Thoburn
Anthems, Psalms and Canticles
Keyboard [organ/piano], Unaccompanied [a cappella]
Original Publication
Golden Age Classics for SAB Choir
Moderately Easy
Suggested Uses(s)

From our ongoing collection: Golden Age Classics for SAB Choir. Smaller choirs DESERVE to sing these! SAB a cappella with optional accompaniment. This setting of Psalm 81 from Stuart-era composer Adrian Batten is dancelike, joyful, and sprightly. Your small choir (or even trio) will love these settings. Our SATB version is available as well (with a slightly different first line - Sing We Merrily).

O sing joyfully unto God our strength:
make a cheerful noise unto the God of Jacob.
Take the song, bring hither the tabret: *
the merry harp with the lute.
Blow up the trumpet in the new moon:
e'en in the time appointed.
And upon our solemn feast day.
For this was made a statute for Israel:
and a law of the God of Jacob.

tabret: type of drum


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