Raymond H. Haan

Birth / Death Dates
b. 1938

Raymon H. Haan has spent all of his adult life in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Since 1960 he has served as organist and choir director of Cutlerville East Christian Reformed Church. He received instruction from Joseph L. Sullivan, organist at St. Andrew's Cathedral in Grand Rapids. He is a graduate of Calvin College and the University of Michigan. Mr. Haan has published extensively with many American firms. Though most of his music is for organ, choir, and handbells, he has also published solo music for such instruments as trumpet, flute, viola, cello, and piano. His music is performed widely in the United States and also throughout the world. As a member of ASCAP he has received composer awards each year since 1980. He currently lives in Cutlerville, a suburb of Grand Rapids, with his wife Claretta.