In Thee Alone, O Christ, My Lord

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Instrumental Only?

SAB and Organ with opt. trumpet and congregation. The organ is featured here in this wonderful setting of Allein Zu Dir, a great Renaissance hymn that has found its home in the Lutheran liturgy. (That's no reason for the rest of us not to sing it!) Three stanzas with optional congregation on the last. (The congregational part is included in the EXTRAS (ZIP) file. It is a long setting, but you'll find any number of uses for this.

  • During communion anytime of year
  • As an extended offertory
  • Ash Wednesday during the imposition of ashes

In Thee alone, O Christ, my Lord,
My hope on earth remaineth;
I know Thou wilt Thine aid afford,
Naught else my soul sustaineth.
No strength of man, no earthly stay,
Can help me in the evil day;
Thou, only Thou, canst aid supply.
to Thee I cry;
On Thee I bid my heart rely.

My sins, O Lord, against me rise,
I mourn them with contrition;
Grant, thro’ Thy death and sacrifice,
to me a full remission.
Lord, show before the Father’s throne
That Thou didst for my sins atone;
So shall I from my load be freed.
Thy Word I plead;
Keep me, O Lord, each hour of need.

O Lord, in mercy stay my heart
On faith’s most sure foundation
And to my inmost soul impart
Thy perfect consolation.
Fill all my life with love to Thee,
T’ward all men grant me charity;
And at the last, when comes my end,
Thy succor send.
From Satan’s wiles my soul defend.