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Orlando Gibbons Christmas Day

Crawford R. Thoburn
Unaccompanied [a cappella], Keyboard [organ/piano]
Original Publication
Golden Age Classics for SAB Choir
Moderately Easy
Suggested Uses(s)

From our ongoing collection: Golden Age Classics for SAB Choir. Smaller choirs DESERVE to sing these! SAB a cappella with optional accompaniment.
The tune "Song 46" is well known, but not in this setting. Slightly longer and beautifully arranged for your smaller choir, this is the perfect anthem for a low Sunday after Christmas.

As on this night before this blessed morn,
A troop of angels unto shepherds told,
Where in a stable he was poorly born,
Whom not the earth nor heav'n of heav'ns can hold,
Through Bethl'hem rung this news at their return;
Yea, angels sung that GOD WITH US was born:
And they made made mirth because we should not mourn.

His love therefore, oh! let us all confess,
And to the sons of men his works express.
(And unto one and all his works express.)

This favour Christ vouchsafed for our sake;
To buy us thrones He in a manger lay;
Our weakness took, that we His strength might take,
And was disrob’d, that He might us array;
Our flesh He wore, our sin to wear away;
Our curse He bore, that we escape it may;
And wept for us that we we might sing for aye.


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