Title Composer Voicing(s) Preview
The Legacy of Christ Robert J. Powell SATB find_in_page
Holy Trinity Prayer Paul Ayres 3-part (equal voices), 2-part find_in_page
Holy Trinity Prayer Paul Ayres Unison find_in_page
Creator Spirit, By Whose Aid Vernon Hoyle SATB, Unison find_in_page
Undivided Mystery Mark Schweizer 2-part, SATB find_in_page
What Wondrous Love Is This John S. Dixon Unison find_in_page
Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Skies Robert E. Lee 2-part, Children's Choir find_in_page
When Silence Filled the Formless Night Richard Shephard SATB find_in_page
Prayer of St. Patrick Mark Schweizer SATB find_in_page
Come, Ye People, Rise and Sing Richard Shephard SATB find_in_page
Father We Praise You Roland E. Martin 2-part mixed find_in_page
All Praise to God Arlen Clarke SATB find_in_page
Holy Heavenly Love Mark Browse SATB find_in_page
Love of the Father Richard Shephard SATB find_in_page
Consider Roland E. Martin 2-part mixed find_in_page
Through All the World Below Robert W. Lehman SAB find_in_page
Praise Our God and King (Psalm 136) Anonymous SATB find_in_page
Lord, Who Hast Formed Me Arlen Clarke SATB find_in_page
Behold, the Tabernacle of God Robert J. Powell SATB find_in_page
We The Lord's People Jeffrey Rickard 3-part (equal voices) find_in_page
Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Skies Rachel Aarons 2-part mixed find_in_page
Prayer to the Trinity Michael Bedford 3-part (equal voices), Children's Choir, SAB find_in_page
Blessed Be the God and Father Allen Orton Gibbs SATB find_in_page
Eternal Father, Eternal Love Allen Orton Gibbs SATB, Solo(s) find_in_page
Behold the Lightener of the Stars Ryan Garber SATB find_in_page
We All Believe Robert J. Weaver 2-part mixed find_in_page
When We Build Wes Ramsay Children's Choir, SSA find_in_page
Psalm 8 (St. Anne) (Psalm 8) St. Martin's Psalter SATB, Congregation find_in_page
Lord, Who Has Formed Me Philip Godfrey SATB find_in_page
Holy God, Faithful and Unchanging Anthony Marks SAB find_in_page
O Trinity of Blessed Light Ally Barrett Unison find_in_page
Christ Be With Me Noel Rawsthorne 2-part mixed find_in_page
God the Holy Trinity David Halls SATB find_in_page
By Day and By Night Richard Shephard SAB find_in_page
God's Love Richard Shephard SAB find_in_page
Twas In The Year That King Uzziah Died George Bayley SATB find_in_page
Nicea Te Deum Ronald Turner SATB find_in_page
Be Present, Holy Trinity Carson Cooman SATB find_in_page
Awake My Heart William Billings SATB find_in_page
From All That Dwell Below The Skies Richard Shephard SAB find_in_page
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence Sidney King Unison find_in_page